Improving the Quality of Treatment 

Our vision is to make blood transfusions safer for patients who undergo multiple transfusions for their treatment. 

We are developing a non-invasive medical device for purifying blood from the damaging components before the blood is transfused to patients thus reducing the complications caused by transfusions. 

Chronic blood transfusion patients like Thalassemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, Leukemia and MDS need to undergo painful, risky and costly chelation therapy to treat iron overload caused due to transfusions. They are dependent on a lifetime of chelation therapy, but this treatment even though continuous is ineffective in clearing the iron that enters the organs. As iron overload causes irreversible damage to the organs, there is a medical need to reduce the damaging components from blood before transfusion. With our medical device we will be reducing the requirement of chelation therapy and also the associated side-effects thus improving the quality of treatment.